How it works

How ooovre works

ooovre is a ‘click-and-collect’ service that helps people buy books online from local booksellers.

It’s currently a simple matchmaking service that allows you to order any book from a local bookseller of your choice and then pick it up from their shop, often within 24-28 hours.

There are four simple steps to buying a book with ooovre.

You can use the search function on the front page to find the book you want, it also allows you to enter a postcode that helps us locate local bookstores that can get that book for you.
When you’ve found the book you want ooovre then lets you send an email to the bookseller requesting the book and price.
The bookseller will then get back in touch to confirm that they can get the book you want and with details of price. They may also ask you for some further details about the edition of the book you might want – sometimes they can find you a cheaper or more appropriate version.
Pick up the book from the local bookseller whenever it’s most convenient. Either paying for the book when you pick it up from the bookseller or paying for it online using the local bookseller’s preferred payment service. (With this version of the site we don’t charge the bookseller anything, so they make all the profit from the sale.)