Terms of Use

This statement applies to everybody visiting ooovre, whether you happen to be a registered user or just casually dropping by. If you are looking for the terms and conditions governing the use of ooovre by booksellers, you can find them here.

Your use of ooovre is subject to these Terms of Use. If you don’t consider them to be acceptable, stop using ooovre immediately. If you don’t, you accept these Terms of Use by default and they are binding upon you.

ooovre is a service that is intended to connect the public with independent booksellers. It is a prototype and so we don’t warrant that your use of it will be error-free or uninterrupted. In fact, it’s quite likely that you will come across errors and bugs and if so, we’d be really pleased if you could let us know about them by sending an email to hello@ideasmadedigital.com. And there are likely to be interruptions from time to time, as we work on the service and the technology behind it, to introduce improvements and new functionality.

We don’t vet the booksellers that you find listed on ooovre and we do not check to make sure that they have the book or books that you’re after in stock. All we do is introduce you to independent booksellers. What happens after that, for the moment at least, is not our concern and we will not be liable for anything that goes wrong. However, it maybe that you find the conduct of a bookseller with whom you correspond after using ooovre in some way. If so, please do let us know by sending an email to hello@ideasmadedigital.com and we will investigate.

ooovre contains a lot of ‘intellectual property’. Intellectual property is the term used to describe things that can be owned and controlled but are not tangible. In the case of ooovre, we’re chiefly referring to copyright, but there are also trade marks in abundance and there might be some design rights too.

We own all the intellectual property rights in the ooovre service itself (including the website). The books listed in our database are, of course, the property of their authors (or other rightsholders) unless they are in the public domain.

You are welcome to make use of ooovre to discover and connect with independent booksellers near you. You may not keep extracts of ooovre without our express permission nor may you save it electronically, whether intact or in part. You may not ‘frame’ any part of ooovre.

ooovre and the ooovre indicia are trade marks that are owned by us. Any other trade marks, whether registered or not, are the property of the trade mark proprietor in question.

Some of the information that you will find on ooovre is generated by the booksellers listed or by third party providers, such as Google. Consequently we cannot state categorically whether any information you find is either accurate or current and you should not take action in reliance on anything you find on ooovre without checking it out for yourself first.

We will not be liable for any loss or damage you suffer as a result of using ooovre. That includes not just the information you find on ooovre but also damage you sustain through the transmission of viruses, worms, trojans or other malicious content.

ooovre is based in England and the content you will find on this Website is aimed at and is legal for use in the UK. We see no immediate reason why it would not be legal for you to use wherever you are if you are outside the UK, but it is your responsibility to check that for yourself. We cannot promise that it is.

Information that we acquire about you through your use of ooovre will be used by us in accordance with our Privacy Policy and in compliance with the Data Protection Act 1998 and all related regulations. However, please bear in mind that the internet is an international tool and that information is quite likely to be stored outside the European Economic Area for very short, temporary periods.

Any links to external sites that you find on ooovre are provided for your convenience only either by us or by our users. Where those external sites are out of our control, we do not approve of, endorse or otherwise recommend their content and we won’t be liable for the availability or suitability of the content you find on third party websites, so please proceed with caution.

If you want to communicate with us, you can do so by email at hello@ooovre.com. If you need to get any paperwork to us in hard copy, please send it to:

Unit 33a, Elephant Road
The Artworks
SE17 1AY

Please bear in mind that it may take us a few days to receive your letter.

These Terms of Use contain various exclusions of liability. Those exclusions should not be interpreted as excluding or limiting in any way our liability for death or personal injury resulting from our negligence or for any other issue for which it would be unlawful for us to exclude liability. These Terms of Use are governed by English law and any disputes arising between you and us in relation to the Terms of Use are subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the English courts.

ooovre Bookseller Terms

Ooovre (the Service), based at Unit 33a, The Artworks, Elephant Road, London SE17 1AY, connects independent booksellers with members of the public interested in buying books, generating sales requests that we send to local booksellers on our database.

We’ve included you on our database of local booksellers for the Service. If you don’t want to be included in the Service, then you can contact us here, and we will remove your business from the Service, and you will receive no more sales requests.

If you do wish to receive sales requests generated by the Service, then the following terms will apply.

The service

The Service is a prototype, and while the core functionality that allows customers to find and order books works well, we acknowledge that there are some limitations to the Service. By accepting these terms you accept the limitations of the service as it stands. We can’t guarantee that the site will always work perfectly, but we encourage you to help us spot the errors so that we can fix them as quickly as possible It may be that we have to take the Service offline for a period of time while we work on it.

We will try to make sure that you are always informed about our plans and that you have sufficient time to prepare, but it is the nature of this kind of work that sometimes these breaks in service arise unexpectedly or are urgent. In accepting these Terms, you accept that we won't be liable for any loss you suffer as a result of any failure, error or interruption to the Service. In addition, we may, if the Service proves to be commercially unviable, have to wind the project up, again we won’t be liable for any loss occurred in this event.

The relationship

At the moment the Service introduces our users to local booksellers for the purpose of helping them make sales. We do not make the sales for local booksellers, nor are we responsible for the users themselves. In particular, we don't guarantee that users will be able to pay for the books that are the subject of their enquiries and booksellers should take all the usual precautions when processing orders for customers who have made contact with you through the Service. We currently don't take payment for or from booksellers and we take no money from the customer as part of the introduction. In addition, because we don’t moderate the sales request booksellers get, so it may be the case that booksellers get a request that you find offensive or in poor taste. We are not responsible for the content of these requests, and equally you as a local bookseller are not obliged to process these requests. If you report any instance of abuse we will take all reasonable steps, within the limits of the system, to ensure that you do not receive such unwanted requests again.

Fulfillment of orders

You are not obliged by these terms to process any orders that you receive through the Service, though we do ask if you don’t intend to process orders, then please send us a request to remove your store from the service and we will remove it. In addition, we do reserve the right to remove your store from the database if you consistently fail to fulfil orders – we want our users to be able to buy books from the sellers who do support the Service. We also reserve the right to remove you from the service if you use the service to abuse or harass users of the service, that includes the use of any hate speech or other unlawful, illicit or, in our discretion, distasteful or salacious content or statements in that correspondence or in your general behaviour. If we receive a complaint from a user about behaviour of this kind, we will investigate and we may suspend or terminate your registration if, in our absolute discretion, we determine that you have offended the contents of this paragraph.

Changes in terms

We aim to develop the scope of the Service, introducing new features and tools on a regular basis. This will mean making changes to these Terms from time to time in order to provide for new functionality or maybe to drop functions that have proven to be unpopular. We will also, in due course, be adding a new form of Terms that will have all the regular 'boilerplates' you will find in a normal contract but which, for one reason or another, aren't really necessary at this stage. While the Service is free of charge for everyone at the moment, we will start to charge booksellers for the use of the new tools we introduce. You are not bound to accept any new commercial Terms and can always remove yourself from our database if you find them unacceptable. You can find more about our commercial ambitions in the FAQ. When we change the Terms, we will let you know in advance and we will let you know the date upon which the updated Terms come into effect. If you choose to continue using the Service after that date, you do so having accepted the revised Terms.


Anything not set out or referenced in these Terms will not form part of our contract with you. Save for personal injury or death arising from our negligence or for any harm you suffer as a result of our fraud or fraudulent misrepresentation, for which liability may not be limited or excluded by law, we hereby exclude liability for all consequential or indirect loss, such as loss of goodwill, loss of data and so on. Our liability for any loss not otherwise excluded will be limited to the sum of £100.